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Fall 2018 MIHS Programming Contest

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Our fourth biannual programming contest

There was a great turnout of 153 students, or 66 teams. The contest was held in the Mercer Island High School Commons on October 20th from 9:45 AM – 3:30 PM. Congratulations to the winners of the advanced division, The Invincibles from Tesla STEM High School. Below are the winners in each division:


Advanced division

  1. The Invincibles from Tesla STEM High School (595 points)

    • Tony Li, Maxwell Wang, and Devesh Sarda
  2. What’s Java? from Newport High School and Interlake High School (450 points at 2:36)

    • Alex Tanimoto, Jason Shen, and Eric Liu
  3. lp0 on fire from Garfield High School (450 points at 2:45)

    • Moses Miller and Alnis Smidchens

Honorable Mentions: Teams Byte Force, Bones S, and OR ‘1’=’1’

Intermediate division

  1. DenverCoder9 from Newport High School and Bellevue High School (475 points)

    • Jonathan Qiao and William Wang
  2. aae from Newport High School (450 points)

    • Andrew Liu, Eric Liu, and Alex Qiu
  3. Idolers from Interlake High School and Odle Middle School (430 points)

    • Richard Su, Jiaxuan Cheng, and Gene Yang

Contest files

Advanced scoreboard
Intermediate scoreboard

Problem packet
Judges answer packet
Input text files


Pictures on Google Drive


  • Drocon Quadcopter
  • Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
  • Amazon Echo Dots
  • Raspberry Pi’s
  • Arduino Uno’s
  • Google Cardboard
  • and much, much more …


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Judge Volunteers

We’d like to thank the following judges for being influential in the organization of this contest.

  • Lawrence Tanimoto
  • Katy Johnson
  • Keith Stutler
  • Sarah Feldmann
  • Melissa Saelzer
  • Kelvin Tam
  • Anthony Perish
  • Daniel Dallala
  • Nicole Michaud
  • Samir Khobragade
  • Michael Hughes