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Catlin Gabel Fall Programming Contest

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Our second biannual programming contest in Oregon

There was a great turnout of 27 students, or 13 teams. The contest was held at Catlin Gabel School on November 17th from 9:45 AM – 3:30 PM. Congratulations to the winners of the advanced division, AC from Westview High School. Below are the winners in each division:


Advanced division

  1. AC from Westview High School (1925 points)

    • Eric Tong
  2. speedycatfish from Westview High School (1593 points)

    • Colin Liu
  3. team_name from Grant High School (1153 points)

    • Tanis Nielsen and Stephen Lewis

Intermediate division

  1. NCS from Lincoln High School (1843 points)

    • Chelsea Li, Sydney Dunn, and Randy Zhang
  2. Team 1541 from Catlin Gabel School (906 points)

    • Jimmy Maslen and Marcus Ho
  3. Loading… from Lake Oswego High School (718 points)

    • Selena Zhang and Peter Barnett

Contest files

Advanced division problem set
Intermediate division problem set
Input files
Judge outputs


Pictures on Google Drive

Prizes (For top 3 teams in each division):

Advanced: $250/$150/$125 and Construct 3 Licenses

Intermediate: $100/$75/$50


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Bronze Sponsor: Mathletics


Bronze Sponsor: Tech For Kids Club


Organizers and Volunteers

We’d like to thank the following people for being influential in the organization of this contest.

Team1540 Team:

  • Contest Director: Mathus Leungpathomaram
  • Head of Outreach: Tyler Nguyen


  • Arlo Maslen
  • Hansen Lian
  • Lauren Mei Calora
  • Nate Sales


  • Ben Johnson
  • Lauren Mei Calora

Faculty Supervisor:

  • Andrew Merrill